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13 Best Sober Dating Apps 2023 Find A Real Relationship

He also tried drinking only on certain days of the week, which didn’t work. The photos used in guys’ profiles on Loosid reminded me of something your elderly creepy uncle would upload to Facebook. This might be because the guys on Loosid tended to skew older, but I usually prefer to date guys in their mid-to-late 30s and I’ve never run into this issue before. In an ironic turn of events, that someone who won’t share a bottle of wine with their date is now me.


Dating while sober can feel like a big deal in the beginning, and it’s important to keep your new recovery safe. Lean on counselors and your peers in recovery to help you through this new experience. Look, this isn’t the most modern dating site you will ever see but it’s worth checking out if you are looking for people in recovery or that are celebrating sobriety.

Reviewers on the App Store have also raved about the incredibly supportive community you’ll find here, with some having formed lasting friendships while on their search for love. After setting up your profile and uploading your photos on Loosid, you can swipe through potential dates in your area. Once you’re matched, you’ll even get suggestions for sober-friendly events in your area that you can attend for that first IRL meeting.

And whilst we’re sure you’re familiar with the meaning of cuffing season a refresher won’t do any harm. We spoke to qualified psychotherapist Gemma Grainger to get the professional low down on the science behind cuffing season, as … We do not take any responsibility for the quality of these sites or the experiences you may have on them. Get paid ₦45,000 every time you refer someone to us, no need to wait for monthly payments, we pay every FRIDAY. The Association for Addiction Professionals represents the professional interests of more than 100,000 addiction-focused health care professionals in the United States, Canada and abroad.

The first year of sobriety is best spent strengthening your recovery, gaining structure in your life, and filling all that new space with healthy activities and coping skills. With millions of users and robust communities based on interest, the app allows folks to match and connect in an environment that hopefully feels safe and inclusive . The free version of the app is pretty limited, and premium membership will cost around $15 per month, so keep that in mind when you download it. The site’s success is largely in part due to its detailed matching algorithm. All users complete a questionnaire about their interests, lifestyle, and preferences in a partner.

Invest in a membership

After we got to messaging, I found out he was from Italy and had just moved to L.A. I wanted to get to know him but unfortunately, by my second date with—let’s call him Gabriele—I remembered why dating apps don’t work for me. The problem isn’t that guys on regular dating apps want to “grab drinks”—the problem is that, in my experience, guys on dating apps expect to get physical way sooner than I’m comfortable. And even if they know not to push it, and say they’re okay with waiting, I still feel pressure.

That said, MeetMindful is the costliest app in this set — membership prices are $15 for one week, $30 for one month, $49 for three months, or $79 for six months. That said, if wellness is super important to you, it may be worth the investment. There are multiple sober portals and apps where sober singles can look for a compatible partner.

It can be challenging to use online dating sites and find other people who don’t drink or use drugs. Over 70% of people on top dating apps drink, and many will propose a first date that involves drinking alcohol over a sober date, believing that booze will calm their nerves and break candy dating free trial the ice. For people in the sober community who are looking to meet sober singles or are aiming for a sober relationship, this statistic can feel disheartening. Each of the sober dating apps we’ve recommended comes with a robust set of matching preferences and search parameters.

If you find yourself breaking them — say, drinking when you told yourself you wouldn’t — first off, give yourself some grace, says B. We’re also living in a society where alcohol is ever present, and change doesn’t happen overnight. Folks may decrease their drinking for physical health risks, too. Going sober and staying sober are two of the toughest fights you will ever be up against.

It’s one of the oldest dating sites on the internet in this regard. Essentially, Loosid is a community of sober individuals who are looking to help others as well. While the dating side of things is a big reason why people sign up for Loosid, there’s so much more to find on this app.

This includes talking about your limitations when it comes to drinking. For example, are you okay with your partner drinking or are you comfortable being in a setting where other people are drinking? If not, communicate this to your partner so you can avoid any potential issues. This method of matching encourages users to slow down and actually look through a person’s profile to get to know them and their interests better. There’s also a good mix of people on Hinge looking for something casual or something serious, so you’re bound to find someone that has similar desires to you.

This means they are more likely to match with someone they really like, and this leads to better relationships overall. A larger portion of the dating pool does drink alcohol, so if you’re looking for singles who are also sober, it may take a bit longer. The last step is to realize that finding the perfect fit for you may take time. If after a few months you’ve had no luck whatsoever, it may be time to head back here and consider another option or two from the list. The first thing you may have noticed is that we’ve actually recommended a lot of mainstream and traditional dating apps on this list. You aren’t going to click with someone just because you are both sober, so avoiding dating apps because they aren’t strictly sober won’t do you any good!

Not everyone understands just how impactful and challenging substance use disorder is, and matching with people who don’t share the same values or habits in life can have its downfalls. The point of Loosid is to connect with other individuals like yourself who are dealing with getting sober and are looking for a sense of community and guidance. The dating portion of the app works to connect individuals who are looking to take the next step in their romantic lives. You can sometimes seem more outgoing and forward when using substances to talk to new people, so when you take it out of the equation, it’s like learning to socialize all over again as a new person. The platform was designed with easy navigation, personalization, and a straightforward consumer experience at its core. So that we can provide our members a internet dating platform that has everything they need to locate real females, with genuine intentions.

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